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Personalized, Attentive, Accountant Services You Can Trust

At Frank Gutta & Co. CPAs, we are committed to helping you meet and exceed your financial goals. Our offerings are designed to return to you your time, your peace of mind, and your profits.

We proudly serve families and businesses in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, outside of the state of Florida, and internationally.

We provide personalized accounting services, always answer the phone, and we are always available when YOU need us.

If you don’t feel you have been getting the level of attention and service that you deserve with your current accountant, let us show you why we are the best.

Our expertise has been helping Miami families and businesses earn more money, keep more money and retire with more money for over 20 years and we are eager to do the same for you.

We are devoted to accuracy, timely financial advice and tirelessly work to save you more of your hard earned money.

You’ll be more than satisfied, in fact, WE GUARANTEE IT!

Whether located in Florida, in another state, or outside the U.S. families and small businesses call us when they need:

  • small business tax preparation and filing services
  • IRS Problem Resolution
  • individual tax preparation and filing
  • a quickbooks proadvisor for hassle free setup
  • bookkeeping for small businesses
  • accounting services for small business
  • Learn more about our services

Call us today at 954-452-8813 if you would like to earn more money, keep more money, and have your tax burden handled for you hassle free.

Ask Frank Gutta about our suite of CPA service offerings that include tax planning, professional bookkeeping including quickbooks, retirement planning for safe, secure income, as well as several other accounting and financial services focused on earning you more money, keeping more from the IRS and securing the future you desire.

Payroll Services Done Right

Scrimping on Payroll Services Will Red-Flag Your Business With the IRS.

The IRS is quite serious about the laws related to payroll taxes. Also, the penalties and fines levied against those who do not comply are rather stiff.

If you are the owner of a small business, and you process your own payroll, or if you hire a worker to dedicate his or her time to processing payroll, it is likely that you are wasting at least 12 days every year that could be better spent trying to generate new business.

Our payroll services are affordable and cost-effective. This gives you extra time that is required to run your business and focus on making improvements to your services and products.

We stay up to date with the changes in federal and state tax laws so you do not have to.

Also, because we have an understanding that the requirements of every business can vary, we offer you three distinct levels of payroll services.

Comprehensive Payroll Services

With this plan, we offer you full-service payroll planning without any hassles. The plan includes the following:

  • On-time preparation of payroll checks, as well as laser printing on blank check stock with the maximum security
  • Direct deposits free of charge
  • EFTPS tax deposits, as well as reporting for both IRS and state taxes
  • Annual, quarterly and monthly payroll tax reports which are very easy to understand. These include forms such as 1099, W2 and W3
  • Accruals for employee personal days, sick days and vacation time
  • Creating and filing of the appropriate and required tax paperwork for newly-hired employees

Post-Payroll Services

If you would prefer to have your payroll checks processed manually, we can assist you by providing these services:

  • Placing your data records into our files to ensure maintenance and reporting without any problems
  • State tax and IRS reporting, in addition to EFTPS tax deposits
  • Annual, quarterly and monthly payroll tax reports which are very easy to understand. These include forms such as 1099, W2 and W3
  • Accruals for employee personal days, sick days and vacation time
  • Creating and filing the necessary paperwork associated with the hiring of new employees

Online Payroll Processing

When you enter your employee hours and earnings online, you can receive these services:

  • The ability to use your own computer to print your very own payroll checks
  • No-charge direct deposits
  • EFTPS tax deposits in addition to state tax and IRS reporting
  • Annual, quarterly and monthly payroll tax reports which are very easy to understand. These include forms such as 1099, W2 and W3
  • Accruals for employee personal days, sick days and vacation time
  • Creating and filing the necessary paperwork associated with the hiring of new employees

Other Payroll Services

We are also able to assist you with the following issues:

  • Audits for Worker’s Compensation
  • Claims of unemployment
  • Audits for Social Security
  • Audits for Child Support
  • Processing of W2 and W3 forms
  • Processing of 1099 and 1096 forms
  • Preparation and assistance with forms related to state and federal registration

Please contact us today to receive your initial consultation at no cost, and to receive the estimates for payroll processing for your business.

QuickBooks Services Made Easy

Save Time and Money With QuickBooks.

The famous QuickBooks software for financial management was developed with people like you – small to medium-sized business owners – in mind.

You may not think that the software can help you, but if you are looking for an edge in your business, you may want to reconsider your opinion.

You can see and experience benefits from using QuickBooks Services and software in these ways:

Savings of Time – with the QuickBooks software, a number of common tasks are automated so they are dealt with in an automatic fashion.

Generate Reports and Customize Them With the Greatest of Ease – This allows you to check the status of your business at any given moment in time.

Affordable Pricing – Regardless of whether your income is great or small, the QuickBooks software handles your receipts, payables and other data with terrific accuracy and ease at a very reasonable price.

Additionally, the software evolves and grows as your business expands.

You can use it to create a business plan appropriate for a starter loan or a line of necessary credit, or you can employ the software to help you manage your plans for possible expansion in the future.

Customized Easily – QuickBooks is highly flexible and simple to set up initially so that it will work in the manner you expect and require. It can adapt to a supremely wide range of business types, and it is now possible to obtain customized accounting packages which are designed for specific business models.

These packages include accounting templates for non profit organizations, contractors, retailers and healthcare organizations.

A Proven Product With Stability – QuickBooks has been used by professionals and others for a number of years, and its wide base of customers is a strong testament to the product’s reliable nature.

Data is Easy to Share – With the QuickBooks software, you can share data with hundreds of other applications for business reliably and easily. These other applications include popular titles like Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Access and Word.

Manage Your Invoices and Payments Online – When you use the QuickBooks accounting software, business transactions can occur much more quickly. This is because it allows you to email your statements and invoices on the internet. Also, you can accept payments from customers via bank account transfers or credit cards.

This allows you to effectively avoid the all too common check-is-in-the-mail syndrome which may be dragging your business down financially.

Merchant Account Service – This is a special perk of the QuickBooks software that gives you the ability to accept payments via credit cards with tremendous ease. Because it is integrated directly into the software, you can avoid ever having to enter credit card information or payment data multiple times.

For this feature, there is absolutely no additional software or hardware required.

Banking Online is Made Easy – Once you have set up your existing bank account in the QuickBooks software, getting your bills paid is much easier than ever before. All you have to do is simply fill out the checks in the QuickBooks software, and make one easy click of a button, then your chosen financial institution completes the remainder of the work for you.

Through this, you can save the expensive costs often associated with sending out checks – no more paper, envelopes, or prohibitively expensive stamps or postage!

Strategic Business Coaching More Than Just A Tax Return Service…

We Will “Take You By The Hand” in Every Aspect of Your Business.

Successful businesses rely on a number of components to maintain a profitable existence in their particular industry.

In addition to hiring an accomplished staff, and maintaining quality talent to successfully handled clients, organizations must begin their journey to stardom with a strategic business plan.

A strategic business plan operates as a foundation that reflects the company’s competition, goals and mission statement.

It allows investors, principals, and employees to understand the company’s objectives, so everyone is on the same page, focusing on the same achievements.
Our Strategic Business Coaching Services will guide you in creating a strategic business plan that will provide clarity and composition to your company’s growth efforts.

The objective of creating a successful plan is to separate your company into easily defined categories, so their overall mission is easily understood.

A successful business plan will answer each of the following questions in detail:

  • What Exactly Does Your Company Do?
  • What Do You Sell? Service? Product?
  • Who is Your Target Market?
  • Who Are Your Competitors?
  • What Sets You Apart From Your Competitors?
  • How is the Company Managed?
  • What is Your Financial Plan? Short Term? Long Term?
  • How do You Market Your Services or Products?
  • How to You Plan to Grow? Short Term? Long Term?

Our strategic business services are developed specifically to help the following categories of companies outline their business objectives, and help them maintain a guideline for growth and prosperity.

  • New Businesses and Enterprises
  • Existing Businesses Who are Expanding Their Services or Product Line
  • Those Purchasing Businesses, Product Lines or Services from an Existing Company Through Acquisitions or Mergers
  • Failing Businesses who Need a Fresh Business Model, and In-depth Analysis of the Current, Failing Model, in an Effort to Not Repeat the Same Mistakes

Strategic Business Coaching not only provides fresh insight from a professional perspective, but it can also help your company pinpoint its current weaknesses, lulls in progress and overall ineffective ideas that may be holding your company back from reaching its maximum potential in the marketplace.

In an effort to remain competitive at all times, and operate optimally to insure maximum revenue, you must first:

  • Recognize Your Target Markets, and their Buying Potential
  • Identify and Secure Your Competitive Advantages
  • Research Your Industry Thoroughly to Insure Complete Understanding of the Other Players, and Audiences
  • Develop Campaigns that Reflect the Proper Promotional Advantages from the Previous Findings
  • Hire and Retain the Proper Talent, Staff and Supporting Staff with the Expertise to Satisfy Existing Clients, while Effectively Pursuing New Business
  • Develop Management Plans and Outlines for Business Operations
  • Create a Financial Plan that Completely Outlines all Business Related Costs including: Start-up Costs, Operating Costs, Expenses, Income Projections and Prospective Business Analysis
  • Outline Operating Costs in Detail including Building, Equipment and Staffing Needs
  • Develop Timelines for Existing Product or Service Success, While Maintaining New Product and Service Roll-out Dates to Insure Growth

A strategic business plan is the cornerstone of any company whose sole mission is to succeed.

It is imperative that you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as the overall costs that are related to developing a successful company prior to initiating operations.

This full understanding of your company’s existence and goals will not only help you obtain financing, but it will help you maintain the foresight necessary to succeed, even during tough economic times.

Accounting Done For You And Made Easy

Don’t Waste Your Valuable Time on Bookkeeping and Finances… Give Yourself Time to Do What You Do Best – Go Out and Get More Clients!

As a small business owner, you have a limited amount of time to accomplish all the things that need to be done.  With that being the case, why in the world would you squander this precious time doing bookkeeping, accounting and other finance related tasks?

The most efficient use of your time should be focused on customer service, marketing and improving your processes.  These are the specialties of your business and the areas that can help you to grow and become more profitable.

All successful small businesses know that time equals money, and the more time spent on the business, the more profits that are generated.  This is only true of profit generating activities though, and bookkeeping and accounting do not generate profits.

Rather than spend your time on profitless and boring activities, let the professionals handle the accounting while you skyrocket your sales!

Our professional accountants can go over your ledgers and books on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on your needs and the size and scope of your business, to take care of all the following tasks:

Basic Bank Account Reconciliation: We will review all your bank statements to find lost payments, checks and deposits and can also identify unauthorized wire transfers that could be draining your accounts.

Our services help to identify and stop any potential embezzlement of funds from your business.  We protect you from bank errors, fraud and other financially related crimes that can cripple your business.

Finally, we help you to manage your cash resources effectively while tracking your business growth and recommending ways to increase that growth.

Income and Expense Statements:  We will create regular P&L statements that provide you with an easy to see snapshot of the costs associated with running your business.

Our service will help to identify areas of your business on which you are over spending as well as those that are growing rapidly and could benefit from additional budget.  We will show you the current trends in your product sales and returns to help maximize your inventory usage.

Finally, we can put all of these together to give you a current and ongoing picture of your tax liability.

Balance Sheets:  Combined with P&L statements the balance sheet is the most important report used by investors and lenders to determine the viability of lending to your business or investing capital in your projects.

An updated balance sheet will let you know about the health of your business at any given point in time, allowing you to correct imbalances before they get out of hand.

Through analyzing the balance sheet you can identify trends in your payables and receivables, thus allowing you to take a proactive stance towards maximizing the positive trends and minimizing the negative trends.
Ledger Management:  If you don’t already have a complete and accurate general ledger system we will set one up for you to ensure that you are keeping accurate records for your business.  If you already have a general ledger set up, we can review it to ensure it is complete and does not contain any discrepancies or errors.

We will provide your business with unlimited consultations so you know that every piece of your business accounting puzzle is being taken care of in an effective and efficient manner.

If you require additional services, we can customize our accounting services by offering you the following:

  • Payroll management services
  • Tax planning and preparation services
  • Any other financial services you might require to ensure your business runs well and maximizes your profits

Small Business Services

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  • Maximize Deductions
  • Avoid IRS Audit Red Flags
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  • June 25, 2012 Tax Savings Margert Kalinuda "“Frank found a crucial deduction overlooked by my former CPA and got me a refund of over $100K in over paid taxes, thank you Frank”"

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