Foreign National Tax Filing Information

Your U.S. Income Tax Obligation While Living in the U.S. as a Foreign National

Living in the United States is a wonderful opportunity for those who are originally from other countries or parts of the world. The U.S. is truly a land where dreams can come true, and almost anyone can make great things happen with hard work and just a little bit of luck.

However, living in the U.S. also comes with a different set of laws and regulations.

Foreign nationals must adhere to certain rules so that they comply with not only U.S. laws, but the various regulations imposed by their home countries.

While it may seem arduous, it is possible to take care of these issues easily with the help of a professional foreign national tax filing service.

If you are attempting to determine your tax obligation to the United States, you should know that it depends upon the type of foreign national status you have in relation to tax purposes.

For instance, those who are considered to be resident aliens are required to adhere to the identical rules and complete the same forms as citizens of the United States.

In general, non resident aliens who earn wages or receive income from business while in the United States are required by law to complete a tax return.

Aliens who have dual-status need to file a separate tax return, and they cannot claim the normal, standard deduction. Also, they typically are not able to claim any exemptions for dependency.

This may sound quite complicated to you. It is certainly not simple, but the process of filing a return is something you do in your own best interest!

There have been studies which have shown that the majority of non residents either fail to file a tax return, or they end up filing a tax return incorrectly.

Additionally, it has been shown that those non residents who fail to file often end up making massive overpayments of their U.S. taxes. This happens significantly more often than instances of underpayment. This is according to the document, Widespread Non Compliance and Overpayment of Taxes by Foreign Scholars, written by J.W. Antenucci. This document appeared in Tax Notes on May 13, 1996.

You have to be careful when it comes to filing your taxes, and it is important to not assume that your employer has withheld the proper amount from your wages.

That does not necessarily mean that you have paid the proper amount.

In fact, you might even be owed a refund! If you want to avoid the pitfalls of paying too much money while remaining within the guidelines of pertinent U.S. tax laws, you can use our services to help you with your foreign national tax filing needs.

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