“Take on” the IRS Without Lifting a Finger!

If you have ever been audited by the IRS, you know how time consuming and frustrating it can be to make yourself familiar with all the relevant tax laws.

Even the time necessary to gather all the required supporting documents is onerous at best, even for the most organized tax payers.

Once you have spent your valuable time gathering all the documents you can then expect to waste even more valuable time in learning all the relevant tax codes that might apply to your particular situation.

None of this is fun, but there is no question that you will spend your time this way upon receiving an IRS audit letter.

This is true because you know that if you don’t take this course you will more than likely end up paying a substantial tax bill, including all of the fees and interest payments the IRS will levy for your tax deficiency.

You have no choice but to investigate every issue brought up by the auditor and attempt to bring your taxes into compliance with their requests.

All the while, this time and energy spent on your tax issues will be drawing your attention away from your personal life and your business affairs, with the end result being that both suffer needlessly.

The truth is, you are ill prepared to take on the IRS tax auditor.  Their full time job is to scrutinize every line of a tax return and find any instance where they can extract more tax money from you.

They are familiar with all the small loopholes and tax requirements and will locate obscure ways to force you into providing additional documents and will question each line of your tax return they do not feel is in complete compliance with the over 70,000 pages of the US tax code.

In short, the IRS tax auditor is an expert in taxation, while you most certainly are not.

Does it make sense for you to go up against someone who has thousands of hours experience working in the tax field?  Would you hire a recent marketing graduate to compete against your strongest competitors?

Naturally it doesn’t make sense to do either of these things.

If you are going up against an expert, you need an expert of your own if you expect to compete on a level playing field.  This is where IRS representation services come into play.

Rather than put yourself into this awkward position, why not simply use our tax preparation service from the beginning.  Our clients, when audited, typically have nothing more to do than to forward us their IRS Notification of Audit letter and we handle the rest.

IRS audits are rare amongst our clients, but when they do happen we stand behind our expert tax preparation service and we take on the IRS on your behalf through our professional IRS representation services.

All of the necessary paperwork, the scrutiny, the questions and most importantly the intimidation is deflected from you and handled by our tax experts.

Which leaves you free to continue with your life and your business without the stress and pressure that an IRS audit can cause.

You can get started by simply filling out and submitting the form at the bottom of this page.  Our tax experts will contact you and get you started with a free tax consultation.

Don’t let an IRS Audit Letter drain your valuable time and energy, instead let us do what we do best…take on the IRS for you!

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  • June 25, 2012 Tax Savings Margert Kalinuda "“Frank found a crucial deduction overlooked by my former CPA and got me a refund of over $100K in over paid taxes, thank you Frank”"

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  • June 06, 2012 Washington, D.C. Fresh Start Program "IRS has reduced the age old firm guidelines to reasonable standards so that thousands of taxpayers/clients may now qualify to get their cases settled for cheap and their tax liens released."
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