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Let Us Setup QuickBooks for You… Avoid Days (or Potential Weeks) of Hassle and Aggravation!

Although QuickBooks is one of the more user-friendly applications in the accounting software market, it is software none-the-less, which can be intimidating to those who work in offices that are not directly connected to information technology fields.

Sure, anyone can download the software and start the process, but we have encountered a number of offices who prefer a professional set up the application, and import their information first, followed by a brief tutorial on the basic operation later.

Our expertise in the accounting field allows us to survey the current files, and integrate them into the new model, negotiating any hiccups along the way. The result is a seamless integration of our clients’ bookkeeping technology, which will allow them to print a check in a pinch, in the middle of our transition.

In addition, their manpower can stay where it belongs, which is focused on the company’s business, not its software and accounting measures.

Our professional QuickBooks setup process is quick and accurate, not hurried and flawed, which insures all of your transactions, accounting codes and financial data transfers flawlessly on the first attempt.

Once our technician has accurately transferred your records, he or she will provide exceptional training to whomever you charge with the accounting process.

Not only is the software easy to use, but our technicians are trained to educate your employees on the new system, providing a step by step tutorial that allows for complete and immediate understanding, without overwhelming the user.

Our goal in setting up your QuickBooks software is to save your company time, while alleviating any confusion or misunderstanding in terms, so the transition is seamless, and operating at its optimal ability the moment we leave your office.

Our technicians will provide the following services, with complete professionalism, and friendly decorum.

  • Setup of your QuickBooks software to fit your business’s needs, based on the existing technology, charts of accounts, and accounting type
  • Transfer balances, outstanding accounts receivable and payable beginning at a specific start date that is determined through our communications
  • Setup all accounts to maintain proper entries in the form of services, inventory items, non-inventory items, expenses, sales tax and miscellaneous charges
  • Input all transactions beginning with the determined start date of the QuickBooks transition
  • Educate the individuals indicated through our communications on the use of the software, accounting technology, and financial wherewithal that QuickBooks provides
  • Provide additional training at a later date, to train new employees or to reinforce the initial process, to insure the software is working optimally for your company
  • Assume the duties of reviewing your financial information monthly, quarterly or annually, to insure the accounts and codes are being used properly, preparing your files accurately for tax reviews
  • Manage reports to indicate where the business is growing, or possibly losing money, to assist in the overall management of the company’s finances

We help our clients get the most out of their QuickBooks software, which allows them to concentrate on new business, or existing clients, instead of their accounting features.

Contact us today via phone at 1(954) 452-8813 or through our email form, and one of our technicians will contact you to determine how we can help get your company’s accounting functions running seamlessly.

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